The Right Move Geography of Logistics & Supply Chains.

The Right Move – Geography of Logistics & Supply Chains is an exciting new online Geography resource for Years Seven and Eight (VELS Geography - Level 5). It could also be used in Geography at higher year levels and in teaching commerce and topics related to careers.

Developed by TDT Victoria, this website is designed to engage students in the investigation of the often complex global networks that are responsible for delivering many of the products we use every day.

All information on the website is available in MS Word format so that it can easily be adapted to suit your needs. There is an assortment of diagrams, facts and figures, online tasks, mapping activities and student worksheets that are ready to be printed and filled in.

Each activity can be used individually or it could be taught as a unit. There is also teacher reference material that provides discussion questions and answers for all activities.

With great links to a variety of topics, including globalisation and tourism, the website offers 14 ready to use activities. This includes ‘Activity 5’, which is an in-depth look at the steps involved in the production of a chocolate bar, from the farming of cocoa beans in Ghana to the manufacture of chocolate bars in a Cadbury factory in Tasmania. This activity is accompanied by some amazing coloured diagrams and activities as seen in the sample below.