Our Capabilities

Careers Strategy

As the project manager, TDT Victoria was responsible for the development of a “Career Kit” which showcased a range of training and development activities within T&L across Victoria. The kit contained eight examples of programs, products and research activities that demonstrated best practice in training and development within the T&L industry.


Fatigue management continues to be a significant issue for the road freight sector and one that has become the focus of new regulatory regimes. In an attempt to utilise current technology as part of a management strategy to tackle this issue, TDT Victoria worked in collaboration with TOLL SPD to develop an E-Learning model to provide underpinning knowledge and self paced assessment for employees who needed to become familiar with this subject.

Maritime WELL Project

Continuing on from the WELL project which resulted in assessment materials being developed in 2005/06 TDT Victoria secured additional funding to extend the trial of these products. These trials sought to include RTOs in both Victoria and Queensland.

Charter and Ferry Operator Crew Training

In response to a request from Marine Safety Victoria, local operators and the Maritime Union of Australia, TDT Victoria has been working with these stakeholders to develop a training regime for deck hands working on these vessels. While the initial program may not reflect full competencies the training program will be predicated on material within the national training package.

Business Activity Harmonisation Study (BAHS)

Having successfully developed a model interactive learning resource, TDT Victoria was commissioned to develop a full web based resource that covered all aspects of the import/export process through the Port of Melbourne.


The project was funded by the Federal Department of Industry.

TDT Victoria is currently working in collaboration with Regulators, Industry Associations and Industry on a strategic project, also related to long haul drivers and work diaries. 


In collaboration with the Kangan Institute, TDT Victoria assisted in the development of e-learning strategies to allow employees (including those with low literacy skills) in the T + L Industry to prove competence via multiple formats and using e-Portfolios.